Asian Journals Online

Asian Journals Online (AsiaJOL)

Asian Journals Online (AsiaJOL) is a harvester which collects information from the Journals Online (JOL) databases of journals published in Bangladesh, Nepal, The Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The journals online databases cover the full range of academic disciplines. The objective of AsiaJOL is to give greater
visibility to the participating journals, and to the research they convey.

-Bangladesh Journals Online (BanglaJOL)
-Nepal Journals Online (NepJOL)
-Philippine Journals Online (PhilJOL)
-Vietnam Journals Online (VJOL)
-Sri Lanka Journals Online (SLJOL)
-Indonesia Journals Online (IJOnline)

The site provides a means of searching any or all of the JOL databases by a number of indexing items including Title, Author and Keywords. The search results allow you to see which database the article is from, the metadata for the article and there is a link to the Abstract page of the article on the relevant country JOL which in turn will link to the full text, if it is available.

Journals are selected for inclusion on the country JOLs using the following criteria:
1. They are scholarly in content, and contain original research (in addition to other content)
2. Their content is peer reviewed and quality controlled
3. They are able to provide all content for inclusion on the JOL (tables of contents, abstracts and PDFs of full text) in electronic format
4. They are published within the specific country. Management of publishing strategy, business development and production operation are all run from the country.

The JOLs provide information on each participating journal, including aims and scope, contact details and general information. They also provide Tables of contents and abstracts (where available) for all articles published within the journals. Many full text articles are also available.

All the material on the JOLs is free to view, search and browse, however copyright of all content is retained by the journals or authors – each journal will need to give permission for any use or re-use of the content that falls outside Fair Use.

The JOLs are not publishers: they provide a service to the journals by hosting their content online, and actively promoting the websites to encourage discovery of the titles and their articles. Some of the individual journals also use the website to publish their journals and they welcome submissions from registered users.

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